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19 September 2014
European Union - Value added tax - Common system of value added tax - Fiscal neutrality
Judgment 17:49 K Oy  (EUCJ)
[2014] All ER (D) 144 (Sep)
Criminal law - Indictment - Addition of new count - Defendants being charged with conspiracy to corrupt
17:43 Serious Fraud Office v Papachristos and another  (CACrimD)
[2014] All ER (D) 143 (Sep)
Inheritance tax - Exemptions and relief - Charity - Testatrix leaving residue of estate on trust for charitable purposes
Judgment 16:55 *Routier and another v Revenue and Customs Commissioners  (ChD)
[2014] All ER (D) 142 (Sep)
European Union - Regulations - Common foreign and security policy - Respondent Council of European Union adopting restrictive measures in respect of Zimbabwe
Judgment 16:53 Georgias and others v Council of the European Union and another  (EGC)
[2014] All ER (D) 141 (Sep)
Employment tribunal - Jurisdiction - Unfair dismissal - Territorial scope
16:51 *CreditSights Ltd v Dhunna  (CACivD)
[2014] All ER (D) 140 (Sep)
Company - Articles of association - Construction - Parties being owners of flats in residential development
16:48 Sugarman and others v CJS Investments LLP and others  (CACivD)
[2014] All ER (D) 139 (Sep)
European Union - Freedom of establishment - Undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities - Applicant subscribing to units with depository bank
Judgment 16:41 Gruslin v Beobank SA  (EUCJ)
[2014] All ER (D) 138 (Sep)
European Union - Taxation - Corporation tax - Applicant holding company being registered in United States with management in Germany
Judgment 14:59 Kronos International Inc v Finanzamt Leverkusen  (EUCJ)
[2014] All ER (D) 137 (Sep)
Employment - Unfair dismissal - Compensation - Calculation of award
14:55 Hamer v Kaltz Ltd  (EAT)
[2014] All ER (D) 136 (Sep)
Will - Validity of will - Intention of testator - Intention of making a will
14:53 *Marley v Rawlings and another  (SC)
[2014] All ER (D) 135 (Sep)
European Union - Consumer protection - Air transport - Consumer buying plane tickets from applicant airline
Judgment 09:51 Vueling Airlines SA v Instituto Galego de Consumo de la Xunta de Galicia  (EUCJ)
[2014] All ER (D) 134 (Sep)
Contract - Damages for breach - Creation of contract - Claimants introducing third party to defendant
Judgment 09:50 Acer Investment Management Ltd and another v Mansion Group Ltd  (QBD)
[2014] All ER (D) 133 (Sep)
18 September 2014
European Union - Trade marks - Registration - Opposition
Judgment 17:38 *Polo/Lauren Company, LP v Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (Trade Marks and Designs)  (EGC)
[2014] All ER (D) 132 (Sep)
European Union - Trade marks - Registration - Opposition to registration
Judgment 17:39 *Herdade de s. Tago II - Sociedade Agricola, SA v Office for Harmonisation in the Internal market (Trade Marks and Designs)  (EGC)
[2014] All ER (D) 131 (Sep)
European Union - Companies - Prospectus - Obligation to publish prospectus when securities offered for sale to public
Judgment 17:37 *Almer Beheer BV and another company v Van den Dungen Vastgoed BV  (EUCJ)
[2014] All ER (D) 130 (Sep)
European Union - Jurisdiction - Civil and commercial matters - Exception concerning bankruptcy
Judgment 17:38 Nickel & Goeldner Spedition GmbH v "Kintra" UAB  (EUCJ)
[2014] All ER (D) 129 (Sep)
Solicitor - Negligence - Duty to exercise reasonable skill and care - Claimant scrap metal dealer instructing first defendant solicitors firm to act in purchase of site
Judgment 16:18 Flattery v Newman & Maxwell (a firm) and others  (ChD)
[2014] All ER (D) 128 (Sep)
European Union - Trademarks - Registration - Opposition to registration
Judgment 16:07 *Galileo International Technology LLC v Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (Trade Marks and Designs)  (EUCJ)
[2014] All ER (D) 127 (Sep)
European Union - Trade marks - Registration - Opposition to registration
14:41 *Micrus Endovascular LLC v Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (Trade Marks and Designs)  (EGC)
[2014] All ER (D) 126 (Sep)
European Union - Value added tax - Supply of services - Taxpayer being global purchasing company for IT services for Skandia group of companies in Sweden through branch (SS)
14:38 *Skandia America Corp, (USA), filial Sverige  (EUCJ)
[2014] All ER (D) 125 (Sep)
European Union - Income tax - Principle of non-discrimination - Belgium and France being parties to convention for prevention of double taxation
14:38 *Verest and another v Staat  (EUCJ)
[2014] All ER (D) 124 (Sep)
European Union - Workers - Freedom of movement - Discrimination on grounds of nationality
14:32 Haralambidis v Casilli  (EUCJ)
[2014] All ER (D) 123 (Sep)
17 September 2014
European Union - Rules on competition - Road transport costs - Road safety
Judgment 17:15 API and others v Ministero delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti and another  (ECJ)
[2014] All ER (D) 122 (Sep)
European Union - Insurance - Compulsory insurance of motor vehicles - Applicant being injured after tractor reversing into farm courtyard
Judgment 17:13 Vnuk v Zavarovalnica Triglav d.d  (EUCJ)
[2014] All ER (D) 121 (Sep)
European Union - Commercial policy - Information society services - Respondent newspaper, editor in chief and journalist publishing articles in newspaper and online
Judgment 17:00 Papasavvas v O Fileleftheros Dimosia Etairia Ltd and others  (EUCJ)
[2014] All ER (D) 120 (Sep)
Contract - Breach - Damages - Claimant employment agency supplying temporary workers to defendant manufacturer under series of contractual arrangements
15:46 *MPloy Group Ltd v Denso Manufacturing UK Ltd  (COMMLCT)
[2014] All ER (D) 119 (Sep)
European Union - Rules on competition - Agreements preventing, restricting or distorting competition - European Commission finding applicant infringing rules on competition
Judgment 15:45 Groupement des cartes bancaires (CB) v European Commission  (EUCJ)
[2014] All ER (D) 118 (Sep)
European Union - Rules on competition - Agreements preventing, restricting or distorting competition - Applicants responsible for management and coordination of MasterCard card payments system
13:55 *Mastercard Inc and other companies v European Commission  (EUCJ)
[2014] All ER (D) 117 (Sep)
Human rights - Right to liberty and security - International armed conflict - Applicant Iraqi national’s brother being detained by United Kingdom forces
Judgment 13:53 *Hassan v United Kingdom (App. No. 29750/09)  (EctHR)
[2014] All ER (D) 116 (Sep)
European Union - Taxation - Energy products and electricity - Taxpayer haulage undertaking providing forwarding services for which it acquired motor vehicle from lorry manufacturer
Judgment 10:29 Holger Forstmann Transporte GmbH & Co KG v Hauptzollamt Munster  (EUCJ)
[2014] All ER (D) 115 (Sep)
European Union - Jurisdiction - Civil and commercial matters - Applicant creditor company seeking payment of sums due from respondent company in liquidation and its liquidator
Judgment 10:27 Burgo group SpA v Illochroma SA (in liquidation)  (EUCJ)
[2014] All ER (D) 114 (Sep)
European Union - Value added tax - Supply of goods or services - Supply for a consideration
Judgment 10:26 *Gemeente's-Hertogenbosch v Staatssecretaris van Financien  (EUCJ)
[2014] All ER (D) 113 (Sep)
European Union - Freedom of movement - Persons - Applicant Tunisian national born in Germany leaving Germany to return to Tunisia
Judgment 10:24 Ben Alaya v Bundesrepublik Deutschland  (EUCJ)
[2014] All ER (D) 112 (Sep)
Practice - Civil litigation - Application to strike out - First defendant applying to strike out third claimant's claim on grounds third claimant having no standing to bring claim on behalf of deceased's estate
10:22 Meerza and others v Baho and others  (ChD)
[2014] All ER (D) 111 (Sep)
European Union - Employment - Transfer of undertaking - Safeguarding of employees' rights in event of transfers of undertakings, businesses or parts of undertakings or businesses
Judgment 10:21 Österreichischer Gewerkschaftsbund v Wirtschaftskammer Österreich and others  (EUCJ)
[2014] All ER (D) 110 (Sep)
16 September 2014
Particulars of claim - Amendment - Strike out - Defendant chartered accountants and licensed insolvency practitioners being trustees in bankruptcy of both claimants
Judgment 17:19 Oraki and another v Bramston and another  (ChD)
[2014] All ER (D) 109 (Sep)
Solicitor - Negligence - Breach of duty - Claimant company retaining defendant solicitors’ firm to act in sale of commercial premises
Judgment 15:59 Rentokil Initial 1927 plc v Goodman Derrick LLP  (ChD)
[2014] All ER (D) 108 (Sep)
European Union - Public procurement - Public supply contracts - Italian Ministry of Interior awarding public contract for supply of electronic communications services
Judgment 15:56 Ministero dell'Interno v Fastweb SpA  (EUCJ)
[2014] All ER (D) 107 (Sep)
15 September 2014
Company - Breach of contract - Purchase of company - Claimant company seeking to purchase waste management business from defendants
Judgment 16:36 *Augean plc v Hutton and others  (COMMLCT)
[2014] All ER (D) 106 (Sep)
European Union - Reference to European Court - Preclusion by national legislation - Respondents issuing proceedings against applicant
Judgment 16:34 A v B and others  (EUCJ)
[2014] All ER (D) 105 (Sep)
Extradition - Extradition order - Appeal - Appellant's extradition to Poland being ordered to serve balance of sentence for conspiring to sell class B drugs
15:14 Prostko v District Court of Suwalki, Poland  (ADMINCT)
[2014] All ER (D) 104 (Sep)
European Union - Social security - Social security for migrant workers - Reference for preliminary ruling
Judgment 15:13 Ministerstvo práce a sociálních vecí v B  (EUCJ)
[2014] All ER (D) 103 (Sep)
Contract - Memorandum or note - Variation of contract - Parties contracting under memorandum of understanding to work together in oil production in Iraq
Judgment 14:48 *Unaoil Ltd v Leighton Offshore Offshore PTE Ltd  (COMMLCT)
[2014] All ER (D) 102 (Sep)
Crown - Prerogative - Passport - Claimant Pakistani national applying for British passport on basis British citizen by descent
Judgment 11:03 *Begum v Secretary of State for the Home Department  (ADMINCT)
[2014] All ER (D) 101 (Sep)